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Tesla Has Another Rival as Hyundai Unveils Its All-Electric Strategy

Since the beginning of 2017, Tesla's stock has risen more than 70 percent.


Mercedes-Benz debuts new concept with '30s flair

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a concept car intended to show the brand at its elegant best.


Nvidia and AMD must brace for competition from a super-powerful artificial-intelligence processor

It is increasingly looking like the future belongs to artificial intelligence.


Fisker’s Tesla competitor has 400 mile range and charges in just 9 minutes

Henrik Fisker is a bit of a legend in the automotive design world, so when he announced that he was working on an all-new electric vehicle that would both challenge Tesla’s Model S, and serve as the spiritual successor to the Fisker Karma, there was plenty of interest.


Intel and AMD are going to war with next-gen CPUs

For the longest time, Intel has been the only name that matters when it comes to the processor inside your PC. AMD, the company that used to provide a genuine challenge, just couldn’t produce CPUs of the same quality for a comparable price.


Microsoft’s Windows 10 update looks fantastic, but will anyone care?

Microsoft built an innovative, forward-looking, and by all accounts excellent mobile operating system in Windows Phone.


Robot revolution

While much hay has been made about the sizable number of jobs that will be lost to automation, the workplace’s robotic revolution will also come with a new wave of hiring.


Uber used secret program to evade law enforcement, report claims

SAN FRANCISCO — As officials in cities around the world started to crack down on Uber, upset that the startup was barging into their markets without permission — Uber had a secret weapon.


Razer Blade Stealth review: The MacBook Pro that Apple should have made

Up until last fall, the formula for Apple’s MacBook Pro was well known and well loved: a 13-inch, aluminum unibody laptop with oodles of power, a great screen and enough ports for 98% of everyone who would call themselves a “pro.”


Dodge's latest police car uses radar, sensors to prevent ambushes

Police cars are as old as cars themselves, but they're always relying on new technology to improve. Dodge's latest update should give police officers an additional sense of safety.


Surprising map of the Internet shows tiny U.S. and huge mystery island

If you judged each country based on how many websites used their two-letter Internet domain code, like Canada’s .ca or India’s .in, the U.S. would pale in comparison to the might of the United Kingdom, Germany and China.


‘World’s first’ thermal camera smartphone launched

A British company has unveiled what it is billing as the "world's first" smartphone with a built-in thermal imaging camera, a feature it claims will be in 50 percent of models on the market in five years.


Need for Speed: Airports with the Fastest Wi-Fi

Three American airports were in the top 6 fastest for Wi-Fi.


Google expects public in driverless cars in 2 to 5 years

The head of self-driving cars for Google expects real people to be using them on public roads in two to five years.


Maybach magic: Mercedes readies big, pricey S600

The new Mercedes-Maybach S600 is not just the biggest vehicle in the German maker's luxury line-up, it will also be the most expensive when it reaches showrooms next year.


Bentley SUV offers optional $170,000 clock


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