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Aerospace Executive 'Absolutely Convinced' There Are Aliens On Earth

In an eye-opening interview on “60 Minutes” Sunday night, aerospace mogul and entrepreneur Robert Bigelow said he was ‘absolutely convinced’ there were alien visitors to Earth.


Fixing McDonald’s Isn’t Rocket Science

McDonald’s is on the ropes. After two years of sales declines, I guess the board got tired of waiting around for CEO Don Thompson to get the world’s largest fast-food burger chain growing again.


What Makes Private and Independent Schools Special?

To learn is to expand your viewpoint, to gain knowledge and to inspire success within yourself and in others around you. It is the greatest and most valuable activity you can pursue.


Costa Rica volcano spews ash in most powerful eruption in 20 years

SAN JOSE (Reuters) - Costa Rica's Turrialba volcano belched a column of gas and ash up to 3,280 feet (1 km) into the air on Thursday in its most powerful eruption in two decades, and local authorities started to evacuate residents from the surrounding area.


Archaeologists Find Tomb Of Pharaoh's Unknown Queen In Egypt

Czech archaeologists said the tomb of a previously unknown Egyptian queen believed to be the wife of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled the country 4,500 years ago has been found.


Attorneys with more masculine voices are less likely to win in court: study

When it comes to leaders, men and women both prefer women who have more masculine voices, research shows.


More evidence Mayan civilization collapsed because of drought

Even more than 1,000 years after their disappearance, it’s clear the Mayans had a good thing going.


Scientists confirm that red wine keeps us young

Just in time for Christmas, a new study proves that red wine's miracle ingredient 'resveratrol' does keep us younger after all


Endangered Arabian Sea Humpback Whales Were Isolated for 70,000 Years

Scientists have taken a closer look at the humpback whales inhabiting the Arabian Sea and have found that they're the most genetically distinct humpbacks in the world. (Photo : Flickr/Antarctica Bound)


How shovelling snow can 'shock' your heart

There's something gentle and peaceful about a snowfall — that is, until it comes to shovelling the stuff, at which point it can become deadly.


Breakthrough Prize 2015: Where To Watch The Alibaba, Google, Facebook-Funded Science Awards Show

The Breakthrough Prize ceremony is an awards show honoring not the brightest stars in Hollywood but the brightest minds in the fields of physics, mathematics and life sciences. Hosted by Seth MacFarlane, the 2015 Breakthrough Prize presentation will premiere on the Discovery Channel Saturday at 6 p.m. EST.


This 5-Year-Old Genius Just Aced A Computer Science Test From One Of The Biggest Tech Companies In The World

Most people don't take Microsoft's Certified Professional exam until they graduate college, but Ayan Qureshi aced the test when he was only five years old.


Comet-Chasing Spacecraft Lands Probe After 10 Year Flight

Europe’s Rosetta spacecraft today landed the first ever probe on a comet, part of a decade-long mission to the icy body between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It’s unclear whether it’s properly anchored.


Breakthrough science prize: Big names add glitz to ceremony

Top scientists have been awarded huge cash prizes at a ceremony on Sunday in California.


Hubble Catches a Dusty Spiral in Virgo

This magnificent new image taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 4206, located about 70 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Virgo.


Here's How India Made Such A Cheap Spaceship And Left Everyone Else In The Dust

India launched a probe that settled into orbit around Mars at 8 in morning of Sept. 24, India Standard Time, making them the first Asian country to successfully reach the red planet.