Millionaires reveal investment secrets

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Millionaires reveal investment secrets

Most millionaires (88%) feel confident that their investment strategies are aligned with their long-term financial goals, and more than two-thirds (70%) have financial advisers, a new survey finds.

About 75% of millionaires are invested in individual domestic stocks, according to the survey of 1,064 investors, with $50,000 to more than $10 million in total investable assets. It was conducted by Bellomy Research for Fidelity Investments to try to pinpoint affluent investors’ attitudes and behaviors.

The survey findings divide the respondents into four categories: emerging affluent investors (millionaires-in-the-making) with a median of $250,000 in investable and retirement assets; mass affluent, with a median of $800,000 in investable and retirement assets; millionaires, $2.5 million; and deca-millionaires, $11.75 million.

Among the findings: About 39% of millionaires have individual domestic bonds; 52%, domestic bond mutual funds; 54%, domestic equity mutual funds; 35%, domestic blended bond and equity mutual funds; 45%, international mutual funds; 43%, real estate investments (including real estate investment trusts but not including their primary residence); 34%, equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs); 33%, managed accounts; 44%, annuities; 29%, international/emerging individual securities; 20%, alternative investments such as private equities, structured products and hedge funds; 56%, certificates of deposit/money market accounts/cash equivalents.